Cryptocurrency Prices Today January 16

The global cryptocurrency market had not been a perfect one. We have been seeing some of the effects of the market as it had gone up in the last few days, but all that seems to be useless now because today in the market, the capitalization dipped by 0.12 percent to $2.06 trillion.

This happened in the span of one day only or 24 hours, if you will. DeFi is a cryptocurrency that is accounted for 16.08 percent of the trading volume at $9.92 billion. Then there are the big hitters like the stable coins, which is having an amount of 78.10 percent at $48.16 billion.

Cryptocurrency Prices Today January 16

Bitcoin had not been doing good at all since it faced a loss of around 0.6 percent to trade. If we are talking about Bitcoin, then we need to talk about Ethereum. It had dipped 0.55 percent in the global market.

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Cardano had surged 5.53 percent. Avalanche rose 0.91 percent. Polkadot had also been on the list as it rose 0.5 percent. We can not forget about Litecoin because they have had a bad day and has gone down 1.12 percent in the time period of the last 24 hours.

Tether also did not seem to have any good luck as they went down 0.28 percent. Memecoin SHIB had also been down, and today it had gone down around 2.54 percent.

That isn’t very pleasant to know for the investors. Then we have on the most list, the Dogecoin, which had also gone down by 4.11 percent to trade at Rs 14.31.

That is how cryptocurrency is looking for now. We do not know what is going to happen later on. We are seeing a tense atmosphere in the market of cryptocurrency here.

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We are hoping that things might pick up soon. The Investors are not in a good mood, and honestly, it is not surprising. Take care of yourself, you guys!