Cryptocurrency Prices Are Up Today

Cryptocurrencies are going on up in the market in the recent day. Thus it shows the green mark on the market. This comes after a bad time that the cryptocurrency market had to go through.

The global cryptocurrency market cap is $2.01 trillion. There had been an increase of around 2.39 percent from the last day. That is indeed some good news for the people who are investing in Cryptocurrency.

The total volume that we are looking at currently in DeFi isĀ  13.74 billion dollars, if you are wondering how much of it is comprising the market, then let us put it in numbers and stats for you. This is around 15.72 percent of the total crypto market.

Cryptocurrency Prices Are Up Today

The volume of all Stablecoins is also something that is to be noted down if you are keen on keeping up with the changes that we are seeing in the crypto market. It is now 67.48 billion dollars of worth, which also goes on to account for 77.18 percent of the total crypto market volume.

Thus comes an end to the streak of red marks and the downward spiral that the Cryptocurrency market had been going through. Last day only, it slipped by a lot of margins. It is good to see the Cryptocurrency of the world making a comeback. We will be keeping an eye on the results.

Bitcoin’s price has also gone up because of the green that we are seeing right now. It is currently at Rs 33 lakh. Thus, we see an improvement in the market and the prices themselves.

Here’s to hoping that all will be fine soon and the cost of Cryptocurrency will go up shortly. The ups and downs are what describe stocks the best. Be sure to keep your eyes on the news because we are going to keep you updated.