Cryptocurrency Prices Today January 15

The Cryptocurrency market had been hit a lot because of all the problems they are facing right now all across the globe, and they did have a lot of bad days where the numbers went down a huge lot, and the lowest had been seen in the last 3 months.

But things seem to be looking at the brighter side now as we are starting the day off with an increase in the amount and price of Cryptocurrency that we have seen. So good news for the industry and the investors too.

Cryptocurrency Prices Today

The global cryptocurrency market cap stood at $2.05 trillion today morning, which is good since we now have a 0.53 percent increase over the last day. It is slow, but the Increase needs to be steady, and that’s all that we need. The total crypto market volume we have seen over the last 24 hours was 84.28 billion dollars.

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Now let us get to the particulars as we now have the total volume in DeFi, which is currently at 12.76 billion dollars. This had been around 15.14 percent of the total volume we have seen in one day.

Then the next one that we have here is the volume of all stable coins. This volume is now at the standing point of 67.57 billion dollars. This accounts for 80.17 percent of the total crypto volume in the last day or 24 hours. Whatever you would like to call it.

Cryptocurrency is such a thing that you can not get away from it. It is here, and it is here to stay. There have been many ups and downs that we will see from now on, but the Digital market is always going to grow and exist.

This is the future, and it is here now. Try to invest the money in the industry because it always bounces back. No matter what. That’s it.