Bitcoin Price Slumps to 3 Month Low

Cryptocurrency is one of the major currencies in the world. This has been having a hard time because of the recent situation. The cryptocurrency is now facing a three-month low which is causing investors a lot of trouble.

Bitcoin being the world’s largest and biggest cryptocurrency is also facing the same problem and the fall has started earlier this week when we can see a downward trend in the value of Bitcoin.

If we are going into the details then here is the info that you have been looking for. The price of bitcoin had been high for a few months over and if you are following the market then you know that they have had a few ups and downs last year. But this year seems to be a whole new problem for them.

Bitcoin Price Slumps to 3 Month Low

The value of Bitcoin fell below the 41,000 dollars mark to 40,749.90 dollars. This is something that happened just after 10:50 a.m. ET Friday. It goes without saying that it is very low and this is the lowest that they have even gone after 29 September.

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So the lowest in 3 months. Bitcoin is not the only one in the woods. The other cryptocurrency is also suffering greatly because of this.

We have in the list starting with Ethereum which had gone down around 6.8% in the market and we can not forget about solana which is going down around 7.7% in the cryptocurrency market.

Heavy losses can be seen to incur in the Investor’s purse. This had been a sudden turn of events in cryptocurrency. We have no idea what the future holds.

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We have seen cryptocurrency bounce back from a number of issues in the past too and we do hope that they can pass through this one too. We will keep our fingers crossed and keep you updated on the news. So make sure that you keep your eyes open.