Mike Lindell Net Worth

Business is one of the oldest and the most demanding professions among humans. From ancient times, people have admired business to be the most productive career. They enjoy the perk of being their boss. They tend to serve their self-made establishment, which tends to fascinate them throughout their life. But with such perks comes great responsibility. A sense of skills and management strategy is highly required among these people.

Moreover, good communication skill is also an important factor while dealing with the clients. These skills, along with a great deal of hard work, make any business fly high. With this, a businessman is also expected to be mentally and physically prepared for the downfall of their business in the future since there is no security when the business could collapse. Hence, proper planning is required to avoid or come out of such situations.

Mike Lindell Net Worth

Business requires a great deal of coordination among various activities. Investors, creditors, and regulators are the backbones of any business. An ideal business provides creative freedom, rewards in finance, and a person’s satisfaction. The current business trend is trading and earning through e-commerce and digital marketing.

Nowadays, there is a great involvement of people on the internet, which has made the businesses run online. Gone are the days when business was practiced traditionally among the merchants. Now the majority of the businesses are run online to popularize the brand among the consumers. This has helped small-scale businesses to grow and also made millionaires become multimillionaires.

There are so many business tycoons and entrepreneurs that have risen to popularity due to their e-business ideas and plan. Some of them are Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Walt Disney, Richard Branson, and many more.

Another moat important figure in this profession is Mike Lindell”. Mike Lindell is an American entrepreneur, a business executive, and the founder and creator of the brand “My Pillow”.

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Mike Lindell Net Worth

Mike Lindell comes under the most successful entrepreneur and business tycoon with a net worth of $100 million. Most of his income comes from his brand My Pillow Inc., which is a mattress manufacturing brand.

Early Life

Mike Lindell was born in the year 1961 in Mankato, Minnesota. He spent his childhood in Chaska and Carver, Minnesota. During his early days, Mike was heavily affected by his drug addictions. He was badly into alcohol and cocaine back in the early 80s.

It was reported that Mike dabbled with other entrepreneurial efforts, including a time raising pigs, owning a bar, and starting a carpet cleaning business. Before coming up with the idea of “My Pillow”, Mike explored and came up with different startup plans and business ideas. He became serious about his business and gave up alcohol in 2009.


During the 1980s, Mike operated and established many small businesses such as carpet cleaning, lunch wagons, and a few cafes and restaurants around his neighborhood in Minnesota.

Due to his addiction, Mike was highly into gambling debts. His wife divorced him in 1990. It was reported that after his divorce, he worked on his addiction and became focused on his business. By 2009, he fully came out from his addictions and stopped consuming alcohol.

He came up with the concept of his brand “My Pillow” in the year 2004. The company started with five people and grew since then. Today it has more than 1500 employs working under it. He sold his first product in the mall kiosk. It was informed that he spent the first six years of his business selling his products in trade shows, malls, and state fairs.

In 2011, the first commercial of My Pillow came on television. It was a thirty-minute show which cost Mike about $500,000 for production and airing. The show aired 200 times per day. After the launch of his commercial, Mike’s business exploded. Within one year of the launch of his commercial, Mike was able to sell $100 million of pillows. After that, every year he was able to make on an average $280 million revenue out of his pillow.

Mike Lindell got huge support for his business from the former President of America, Donald Trump. It was reported that Mike has supplied pillows for Trump in the White House. Mike is a huge supporter of Donald Trump since then.

Personal Life

Mike was married twice. His first marriage broke up when her wife divorced him. He had children from his first wife. His second marriage occurred with Dallas in June 2013, which eventually broke up in July 2013 when Dallas left him.

It was rumored that Mike had an affair with Jane Krakowski in 2019, for which they both denied the allegations put of them.

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Mike Lindell is an inspiration for many business enthusiasts. From the establishment of business to come out of his addictions and debts to becoming one of the most successful entrepreneurs in America, he has come a long way. His patience and dedication helped him achieve what he is today.