Mel Gibson Net Worth

Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson is an American actor, film director, producer, and screenwriter. He is known for his action hero role, especially his role as Max in the post-apocalyptic Mad Max Rockatansky’s series and Martin Rigs’s first three movies and in the buddy Cop Lethal Weapon movie series.

Mel Gibson Net Worth

Mel Gibson is an Australian-American actor, screenwriter, director, producer, and investor with a net worth of US$425 million. As an occasionally controversial figure, Mel Gibson is also one of the most successful actors and directors in the world in his entire career.

Mel Gibson Net Worth

Early Life

Gibson was born in Peekskill, New York, and was the sixth out of eleven children. He is also the second son of writer Hatton Gibson and Irish Anna Patricia.

Gibson’s grandmother is the opera alto Eva Mylott (1875-1920), she was born in Australia, her parents are Irish, her grandfather John Hutton Gibson (John Hutton Gibson) is from the southern United States, he earned hundreds of ten thousand dollars as a tobacco merchant.

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Donal, Gibson’s younger brother, is also an actor. Gibson said that his name came from St Mel’s Cathedral, a 5th-century Irish saint and the founder of the local native diocese, Ardagh.

Her middle name, Colmcille, is also an Irish saint and is the name of the Aughnacliffe parish in County Longford where Gibson’s mother was born and raised. Thanks to his mother, Gibson retained the dual citizenship of Ireland and the United States.

Gibson is also a permanent resident of Australia. On February 14, 1968, Gibson’s father received US$145,000 in a work-related injury lawsuit against the New York Central Railway Company.

Shortly thereafter, when Mel was twelve years old, his family moved to West Pimble, Sydney, Australia.

They moved to their Australian grandmother, for economic reasons and his father’s expectations, the Australian Armed Forces would refuse his eldest son’s enlistment during the Vietnam War.

In high school, Gibson received tutoring from members of the Christian Brotherhood at Saint Leo’s Catholic College in Wahroonga, New South Wales.


Gibson’s first starring role was “Mad Max”, and he began to participate shortly after graduating from college in 1977. In 1985, Mel received his first $1 million salary in “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”, which was the third installment in the series. Gibson still serves as a stage actor and appeared in various plays by the South Australian State Theatre Company in Adelaide.

He has appeared in many famous plays such as “Waiting for Godot” and “Death of a Salesman”. Mel Gibson played a struggling farmer from Tennessee with Sissy Spacek in his first American movie “River” in 1984. In 1985, he took a two-year break and then returned to the role of Martin Riggs in 1987’s film “Lethal Weapon”, “Tequila Sunrise” in 1988, and “Lethal Weapon 2” (1989).

In the first half of the 1990s, he starred in box office blockbusters such as “Maverick”, “Brave Heart”, “Ransom” and “Payback”. Each of them earned more than $100 million at the box office. He played a very successful role in M. Night Shyamalan’s Signs and it became the most important movie of his career.

Gibson founded Icon Productions in 1989 and produced his first movie “Hamlet”. He made his debut in the direction “The Man Without Face” in 1993. Two years later, he directed “BraveHeart” and won an Oscar for best director. Gibson has also directed and produced several television projects during his career.

Personal Life

Gibson married Robin Moore in 1980, and the couple had seven children before their divorce in 2011. For settlement with his ex-wife, he gave more than 400 million U.S. dollars. Gibson has a child with his former girlfriend, Russian musician Oksana Grigoriev. His ninth child was born to Rosalind Ross, his girlfriend in 2017.


Gibson donated millions of dollars to “Healing the Children”, a charity that provides life-saving medical services to disadvantaged children around the world. In 2007, when he was on a business trip in Singapore, he donated a huge sum of money to a local charity to help terminally ill children. He also supported the restoration of Renaissance painting and other artistic activities.

Gibson donated millions of dollars to the National Anti-Drug Research Institute and donated half a million dollars to the El Mirador Basin Project to protect the last virgin jungle of Central America. In July 2007, he visited Central America to meet with the President of Costa Rica and donate money to indigenous people. In the same year, he funded Green Rubber Global to build a tire recycling plant in Gallup, New Mexico.

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Although Mel Gibson had a lot of controversies and legal issues he made sure that it did not affect his career. He has donated millions of dollars for the growth of his country and to many charities.