Peter Schiff Net Worth

In today’s world, who doesn’t want to be wealthy and prosperous. Everyone dreams of having a successful career and a pleasant life. To fulfil all the basic needs and extravagant demands, we humans tend to struggle throughout our lives, working and striving to have a living.

Either we work under our superiors to generate the source of income, or we tend to become superior by having our businesses and brands.

Nowadays, most people prefer to be their boss. They invest money in their assets to grow their businesses. These people are better known by the name “Entrepreneur”. The previous decade saw a great advancement in the increase in the number of entrepreneurs around the world.

Peter Schiff Net Worth

People start preferring business and entrepreneurship as an ideal career, mainly due to the freedom and other perks it gives to its owner.

Many of them tend to become business tycoons as well. Some of the most prominent business tycoons who are ruling the nation are Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg etc.

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Peter Schiff Net Worth

These billionaire came from middle-class families, but the efforts they showed and the ideas they possessed helped them achieve what they are today. Businesses hardly run with the same spontaneous ideas, it requires strategies and proper planning.

Just like these entrepreneurs with a start-up idea, there is one more profession in business and trade, known as “Stock Broker”. They are the businessmen who tend to sell the share on behalf of their clients and earn a good commission. This field is showing great interest among the business enthusiast because of the profit it offers. The starting salary of brokers itself comes in millions. Hence, today there is a great demand for this among businessmen.

An important business personality who is also a stockbroker is “Peter Schiff”. He is an American businessman, broker, author, and commentator. He is also the CEO of Euro Pacific Inc.

Being the CEO of Euro Pacific Inc., a broker-dealer based in Westport, Connecticut, an author and a commentator, Peter Schiff has a brokerage firm called, Euro Pacific Capital, and his podcast which contributes most to his net worth.

Early life

Peter Schiff was born in the year 1963 in Connecticut. His father was, who served the US Army during the Second World War. He was sentenced to 13 years of imprisonment for tax evasion. Peter Schiff’s parents got separated when he was young. He moved to Manhattan and then to California with his mother and brother. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, CA with an accounting and finance degree in 1987. He acclaimed his father for introducing him to the American School of economic thought.


Schiff’s career started as a stockbroker in Shearson Lehman Brothers in the 1990s after completing his graduation. Later in 1996, Schiff along with a partner bought an inactive brokerage firm and named it Euro Pacific Capital. The firm was operated from Los Angeles.

Later with the advancement and growth in the firm, the firm was expanded to Connecticut in the 2000s. Currently, its headquarter is located in Westport, Connecticut, and branch offices in Manhattan, California, Arizona, and New York City.

Schiff also established Euro Pacific Bank, which is a full reserve bank in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. He got the international spotlight in 2008 when he correctly predicted the housing crisis in the States. He is also a financial commentator on news channels such as CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Fox news etc. He has his radio show that is broadcasted over the Internet, which is named “The Peter Schiff Show”.

He is also the author of the book “Crash Proof: How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse”. The book became the best selling book in the “New York Times”.He also ran for the US Senate seat in 2010, during Republican Primary, but lost it from Linda McMahan. Currently, he seen living a lavishing life with his wife Lauren and two children in Connecticut.

Peter was awarded with the prestigious “Man of the Year Award” in 2010. He was also given the “Hustle Bear Award” in the same year. He later got the nickname of “Dr Droom” for making comments that were not easy for the politicians to accept.

Personal Life

Peter married Lauren and has two children, Spenser and Preston. He resides along with his family in Puerto Rico.

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Economic and Financial stability is one of the most powerful tools for existence. Out of billions of people, only a few tend to become millionaires and multimillionaires. Peter Schiff is one of them.

He has almost shocked the world with his economy and bank balance. With his hard work, dedication and consistency he is admired by many businessmen and business enthusiasts. His love for business helped him achieve what he is today.