Ryan Reynolds Net Worth

Ryan Reynolds is a Canadian actor and movie producer. He was born in British Columbia on October 23, 1976. His famous works include the Deadpool series, Buried, The Proposal, and others. He is the ex-husband of famous actress Scarlett Johansson. He is now married to Blake Lively, an American actress.

Ryan Reynolds Net Worth

As per some reports, Ryan Reynolds’s net worth is approximately equal to 150 million dollars. He also holds a stake in companies like Mint Mobile and Aviation American Gin. Later on, the Aviation American Gin was acquired by Diageo for a deal of 610 million dollars.

Ryan Reynolds Net Worth

Early Life

Ryan Reynolds was born in British Columbia on October 23, 1976. He has 3 brothers, out of which he is the youngest of all. His target worked as a policeman (RCMP). His mother is a retail saleswoman. He was into acting since he was 13 years old.

He performed in a number of TV shows with small roles. But, he actually quit acting at the age of 19 because he was discouraged. He considered coming back to acting with the advice of a fellow friend and actor, Chris William Marian. He acted in teen opera Hillside in the early stages of his carrier.

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He started his carrier when he was in high school. He was offered a role in Hillside, which is a soap opera that originated from Canada. This show was later distributed in the US as “Fifteen” by Nickelodeon. Later, he acted as a macro in “The Odyssey” show. Then, he starred in shows like “The X Files” and “In cold blood” from 1996. He also appeared in “Two Guys, a girl and a pizza place” as Michael Berg.

From the year 2002, he worked in mainstream films. Some of his movies are National Lampoon’s Van Wilder, The Proposal, R.I.P.D, The Captive, Blade: Trinity, Smokin Aces, Safe House, Buried, Mississippi Grind, The Amityville horror. He also appeared in a Netflix film, 6 underground.

Apart from doing the main roles in the movies, he also acted in supporting roles too. His works for supporting roles include X men Origins: Wolverine, Criminal, Just Friends, Women in Gold, Adventure land.He is one of the few actors who played both Marvel and DC characters. He played the character Hal Jordan in the movie Green Lantern which is based on DC comics.

He acted in the movie dead pool, which is based on Marvel Comics. The movie Green Lantern was flopped and couldn’t make a commercial success. However, Reynolds found success with the Deadpool movie. It succeeded both critically and commercially. It became the highest-grossing R-rated movie in the year 2016.

He also did the voice-over for the movie Pokémon detective Pikachu for the Pikachu role, which was released in 2019. He was also nominated for the Golden Globe Awards for the best actor for his work in Deadpool. He was awarded MTV’s best comedic performance for Deadpool. He was the best actor for Saturn awards for Deadpool.

Though the Green Lantern movie did not perform quite well at the box office, He was chosen as the favorite action movie star and favorite movie superhero for Green Lantern in People’s Choice Awards.

Personal Life

Canadian singer Alanis Morissette and Reynolds started dating in 2002 and announced their engagement in 2004. Later, they decided to break their engagement. After the end of this relationship, he started dating American actress Scarlett Johansson in 2007. Soon, they got married on September 27, 2008. Later, they announced their separation in December 2010, and the divorce got finalized in July 2011.

Then, he met Blake Lively during the filming of Green Lantern in early 2010. They started dating in October 2011. Later, they got married in South California on September 9, 2012. They are blessed with 3 daughters. His family lives in New York. He got American citizenship in 2018.

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So, this is all you need to know about Ryan Reynolds. Now, he is one of the top paid actors worldwide. He was among the top 20 paid actors in the year 2017. We hope this article has provided you a good insight into this Canadian actor. Thanks for reading the article.