Lil Baby Net Worth, Age and Height, Life, Career Highlights, Family, And Much More

Dominique Armani Jones is an American rapper from Atlanta, professionally known as Lil Baby, which is his stage name. He makes singles and mixtapes. He is a professional rapper and is well known to the rap community around the world.

Lil Baby Net Worth

As per some sources, Lil Baby’s net worth is worth around 5 million dollars ($5 million).

Lil Baby Net Worth

Lil Baby Early Life

He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on December 3, 1994. His father left his family when he was two years old. So, his single mom raised his two sisters and him. He was dropped out of high school in the ninth grade.

He was charged for possession with the intent to sell among the others in early 2012. His personal lawyer suggested him to take it to your plea deal, but he refused and got himself a new lawyer.

The new lawyer has a special program in which Jones was only held for a year. During this period, he got into an argument with a white prisoner over racism.

Due to this, his charge extended to the original 2-year sentence. In 2013, he got registered for another charge of marijuana possession.

The quantity he possessed is less than an ounce. But, again in 2014 he was charged and arrested for possession of marijuana with the intent to sell among the others. After completing his two year charge, he started his rap carrier.

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Lil Baby Career

Lil Baby release date first mixtape “Perfect Timing” shortly after he was released from prison. It features Lil Yachty, Young Thug, and others. His second mixtape is titled as “Harder Than Hard” was released on July 18, 2017.

Then, Lil Baby released another mixtape called “2 the Hard Way” on October 9, 2017, with his friend Marlo, an Atlanta rapper.

But, Lil Baby made it to the masses with his mixtape “Too Hard” which is released in December 2017. Then, he released a music video called freestyle on November 5, 2017, to promote his upcoming mixtape.

That video got nearly 400 million views on YouTube. Due to the popularity of this music video single, his next mixtape got good attention.

In that mixtape, a single called “all of a sudden” featured his friend and rapper Moneybagg Yo. He released his debut studio album, “Harder Than Ever” in May 2018 which debuted its position at number 3 on the US Billboard 200 list.

After harder than ever, Lil Baby released a collaborative mixtape “Drip Harder” with his friend and label mate, Gunna in October 2018. The lead single from the mixtape, “Drip Too Hard” was so popular that it became 9x Platinum certified by the RIAA.

It also got nominated for best rap performance for the 62nd Grammy Awards. This mixtape was released under the labels YSL records, Quality Control, and Motown/Capital.

He released his next mixed tape Street Gossip in November 2018. Later in December, he collaborated with Yung Gravy’s single called “Alley Oop”. The Lil Baby appeared in the film How High 2 which is a sequel to How High, egg premiered on MTV in April 2019.

Baby worked with the future to release a single called “Out The Mud” on June 21, 2019. He was also featured in “Down Like That”, a KSI’s song.

He released his album my turn on February 28 2020 and this debuted at the number 1 position on the US Billboard list. It includes guest appearances from Lil Wayne, 42 Dugg, Future, Moneybagg Yo, Uzi Vert, Gunna, Rylo Rodriguez, and Young Thug.

Amid the George Floyd protests around the world, he made a political song called “The Bigger Picture”. This debuted at number 3 on the charts and also got nominated for the Grammy Awards.

He released a studio album called “The voice of the Heroes” collaboration with Lil Durk. This debuted the charts at number 1 position in the Billboard 200.

Lil Baby Personal Life

His former girlfriend is Ayesha with whom he has a son, Jason. Later in 2016, entrepreneur and model Jada Cheaves Jones started dating each other. She also made a special appearance in his song “close friends”. Jada and Jason were blessed with a son, Loyal on 18th February 2019.

In July 2021, he was charged for a drug case by the police in Paris where he was going to attend the Paris Fashion Week. He was soon released by the police. In May 2021, he made a visit with the George Floyd family to the White House marking one year for Floyd’s murder.

Lil Baby’s Age and Height

As of January 5, 2024, Lil Baby is 29 years old, born in 1994. Standing at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.73 meters), his stature belies his larger-than-life presence in the rap world.

Lil Baby Education

Lil Baby’s early life was marked by challenges and adversity, including legal troubles. He attended Booker T. Washington High School in Atlanta but eventually dropped out.

However, in an effort to turn his life around, he pursued a GED while in prison, demonstrating his commitment to self-improvement.

Lil Baby Parents and Family

Lil Baby was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He has been open about his difficult upbringing, including his experiences with poverty and involvement in criminal activities.

His mother, Rashawn Bennett, played a significant role in his life, and Lil Baby has often expressed his love and gratitude for her unwavering support.

Lil Baby Spouse, Ex-affairs, and Kids

Lil Baby has been in a high-profile relationship with Jayda Cheaves, a social media influencer and entrepreneur. The couple shares a son, Loyal Armani Jones, born in February 2019.

Their relationship has been a subject of public interest and speculation, with both Lil Baby and Jayda sharing glimpses of their personal life on social media.

Lil Baby House and Lifestyle

Lil Baby has achieved significant success in his career, which has allowed him to enjoy a lavish lifestyle.

He owns multiple properties and luxury cars, often sharing glimpses of his possessions on social media. His success is a testament to his talent and hard work within the rap industry.

Lil Baby Awards and Recognition

Throughout his career, Lil Baby has received numerous awards and nominations, solidifying his status as a rising rap star.

Some of his notable awards include BET Hip Hop Awards and Billboard Music Awards. His impact on the rap scene is evident through his consistent chart-topping hits and critical acclaim.

Lil Baby Social Media Presence

Lil Baby maintains a strong presence on social media platforms, including Instagram and Twitter. He uses these platforms to interact with fans, share updates about his music and career, and provide insights into his personal life.

His engaging online presence has contributed to his popularity among younger audiences.

Lil Baby Songs and Albums

Lil Baby has released a series of successful songs and albums, solidifying his position as a prominent rapper in the industry. Some of his most popular songs include:

  • “Drip Too Hard” (with Gunna)
  • “The Bigger Picture”
  • “Emotionally Scarred”
  • “My Turn” (album)

These tracks have earned millions of streams and downloads, showcasing his immense talent and broad appeal within the music world.

Lil Baby Record Labels

Lil Baby is signed to Quality Control Music, a prominent record label that has been home to several successful hip-hop artists. His association with Quality Control has played a crucial role in his rise to fame and the success of his music.

Lil Baby Full Name

Lil Baby’s full name is Dominique Armani Jones, a name that carries significance and reflects his unique identity.

Lil Baby Genres

Lil Baby is primarily known for his contributions to the hip-hop and rap genres. His music often explores themes of street life, personal experiences, and social issues, resonating with a diverse audience.

Lil Baby YouTube Views

Lil Baby has achieved remarkable success on YouTube, with his music videos amassing billions of views. One of his most popular tracks, “Drip Too Hard” (with Gunna), has garnered over 1.5 billion views on the platform, showcasing his immense popularity and influence in the digital age.

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Lil Baby is one of the best rappers in the world. We hope this article has provided toy a little insight about him. Famous rapper Drake said that he was a fan of Lil Baby. Soon, he might earn more fans around the world. Thank you for reading the article.