The Crypto Investors Lost Their Bid

Now it is indeed true that within a week, we have seen a group of crypto investors raise an unnatural sum of money. They went ahead and raised as much as 47 million dollars in the ether currency.

They have done this because together as a group, they wanted to obtain the rare first copy of the United States Constitution.

It is indeed a rare item that went on auction at Sotheby’s. It had been a very memorable feat that had been achieved by the group of crypto investors. However, they failed in winning the auction and getting their part of the United States Constitution.

The Crypto Investors Who Raised $47 Million to Buy A Copy of the Constitution Lost Their Bid

The amount of money that they have put in is redeemable but they are going to cut a part of the fee. It will be called a transaction fee. It had been made clear in the statement that had been made by the auction people.

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These are the rules that they are following, and they will be followed in this case too. ConstitutionDAO contributor Alice MA confirmed to the press in a statement that they are going to provide everyone an option for a refund.

Ma had gone ahead and said to the people who are interested in the news that there are several of the people who do not want a refund but want to keep it in their wallets. They do want to leave their funds in their wallets, and that’s totally up to them.

There is a factor in deciding what is best to do in such a situation. There has been a lot of humdrum on the internet about Where the money is going to go. Next, there are several people who would want to keep the money in their wallets to make way for future auctions that they might attend.

“I feel like we set the bar so high,” said Yang. “We need to do something equally as epic, whether it’s a future auction, but that’s for the people to decide.”

That is all that we have for now. Take care of yourself, guys!