Cryptocurrency Prices Are Down Today

The cryptocurrency market is not going so well recently, and the price recently went down to the lowest that it had been in 3 months. All this is horribly causing the investors a lot of trouble. Well that being said the news that we bring today is not good news either. It seems that the day had been marked in red as the prices of all the cryptocurrencies are going down.

We started off the day with market capitalization standing at 1.96 trillion dollars, this is a 0.46 percent decrease over the last day. If we are going to talk about volume then let us start at the total of the crypto market which stands over at 102.90 billion dollars, here we are seeing a 44.45 percent increase. This calculation in here is over the last 24 hours. Now let’s get on an individual level.

Cryptocurrency Prices Are Down Today

In the current, we have the total volume in DeFi at 16.54 billion dollars. Then we have the volume of all Stablecoins going on at 80.92 billion dollars. Bitcoin’s price is also a matter of interest for a lot of investors and that is currently Rs 33.83 lakh.

Well, seeing the trends in the market it is hard to say for certain that things will go a certain way or not. However several investors and cryptocurrency experts are looking in the situation and maybe in the future, we will be seeing a comeback of the currency in full force.

In the Digital world, it is not so easy to get rid of Digital currency. It’s true that the current situation is not that good and the increase or decrease is fluctuating and there is nothing noteworthy to write home about. We will keep on an Outlook for the changes in the crypto market and relay the news to you. So let’s make sure that you keep your eyes on the news.