Cryptocurrency Price Today

The cryptocurrency market is really in a problem right now as we can see that they have not been doing so well in recent months. This is going to cause a problem in the stock market of the Investors too.

They are all related to each other so things are not looking very good for this matter at hand. Today there had been a decrease in the value of the cryptocurrency market and here we are for this disclosure to you.

Cryptocurrency Prices Today 18 January 2022

The global cryptocurrency market capitalization had not gone up but it sure had gone down by 2.26 percent over the last 24 hours to 2.02 trillion dollars.

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We also have an account of all the other changes that they have individually gone through. The decentralized finance (DeFi) had been seen at 15.93 percent of the total 24-hour crypto trading. They have now a given volume of 12.34 billion dollars.

We also have the stablecoins at hand which is seeming the highest at around 77.67 percent with the total volume at 60.19 billion dollars. We can not possibly forget about Bitcoin here in the list.

Bitcoin had gone down around 0.94 percent to trade at Rs 33,76,785 and we also have Ethereum that also took a fall and is currently at 2.65 percent to Rs 2,57,489.5. This shows how much the cryptocurrency market is being affected.

There have been several changes going on around the cryptocurrency market in recent times and we think that all this is caused by the changes that they are facing right now. We are surely hoping that they do get back up soon enough. But then once again.

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This is all part of the cryptocurrency market game. There are rises sometimes and there are falls. Experienced crypto investor does what they need to do. That is all that we have for today. Come back tomorrow for more cryptocurrency news!