Bitcoin holds steady below $50,000 in Volatile Weekend Trading

Bitcoin finally Stabilizes at 49000 dollars after Friday. This is after the overnight plunge. Bitcoin prices have gone on ahead and bounced around on Sunday. They have been following a huge impact, and they have gone on to remain only below 50,000 dollars.

This had been a wild time with a wild week that we have seen in the market regarding the cryptocurrency now.

The cryptocurrency now had gone on ahead, and they have tumbled down at a point of 17% in the 24 hours. That was somewhat of a surprise and shock seen in the people.

Bitcoin holds steady below $50,000 in volatile weekend trading

The cryptocurrency had gone ahead, and then they have traded at 48,776 dollars. It is known to be around 7:45 p.m. ET Sunday on Wall Street.

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We are coming to see that the Coin Metrics have given this data to the public. This is really from a really good source. Earlier we see that in the day that comes on at an advent, the cryptocurrency had gone down more than 2%.

The cryptocurrency is not on a good way right now. It had been done with the struggles that had been made to regain the 50,000 dollars mark.

On Saturday, we see that the prices have gone down, and we find it to be at a low point of around 43,000 dollars, this is known from the 57,000 dollars bitcoin which had been traded on Friday morning. So that is that now.

Bitcoin had now gone on ahead, and it is now nearly 30% of the rate below its all-time high. That was when it had been close to 69,000 dollars. The rates are on a low point now, but we are hoping that it will go on ahead and rise.

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That is all that we have for now. We will be sure to keep you updated on the news. The changes are always occurring in the market, which is no different. So make sure that you keep an eye on the news. Thank you for giving this article here a read.