Bitcoin and Ethereum Reaches New All-Time Highs

On Monday evening, there had been a new all-time high seen by the Bitcoin and Ether currency. It is indeed a time for the cryptocurrency market to be in full swing. The fact that both of the currencies had been going on high for quite some time is also something that is to be noted.

Now we are sure that you are wondering about the absolute values and the stats of the nature of this turn of events. We will tell you about all this soon enough.

Bitcoin has a price that at one point the value of which rose above 67,700 dollars – this said value is now eclipsing a previous record set in late October – while ether which is another one of the cryptocurrencies, is said to have gone ahead and taken a turn for the better, so in the evening of this Monday the native token of Ethereum’s blockchain, surpassed 4,800 dollars for the first time ever.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Reaches New All-Time Highs

These record-breaking moves that had shaken the market, and this is said to come amid a wider rally in the crypto market. We are sure that you are aware of the value of the cryptocurrency going up since it is all over the news nowadays.

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This is how the so-called “Ethereum killers,” or if you want to go by the names, then it is Solana and Cardano, which are up to 23% and 9% that had been rising respectively in the last seven days. This shows that a lot of important deal is going on here.

This is how things are going on in the cryptocurrency market. That is all for now. We are sure that you are going to look further into the news too.

We are going to do the same, and if there are any new updates regarding this matter, then we will tell you about this too. So rest assured, and all you have to do is to keep your eyes on the news. Take care of yourself!